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We want to inspire with TEa

After water, TEa is the most important drink in the world. It is the daily thirst quencher for billions of people and for millions the key to a unique delectable experience. As far as we are concerned, TEa is a fascinating mixture of ancient history and inexhaustible flavours, the source of well being and unforgettable moments. We would like not only to cherish this fascination, but to pass it on to you.

Friendship is like a cup of TEa
It has to be clear and translucent and you have to be able to glance at the bottom

The exhilarating thing about TEa is the limitless variety of characteristics in flavour. We are always searching for something new, testing new qualities and creating innovative blends. Look forward to high quality green TEas, classical black TEas, ingenious fruit and well balanced herbal blends, Oolong and Pu-Erh, white TEas, tasteful varieties and lots more.

Hot baths refresh the body - Hot TEa refreshs the spirit

We love a nice cup of TEa. We enjoy its many facets and flavours, benefit from its effect on body and soul and share it with our friends and beloved ones. We are gourmets: Our goal is high quality. The respectful and careful handling of TEa during cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage, packing and preparation is very important to us. We are full of interest and respect for the rituals, knowledge and achievements of living TEa culture.

A cup of TEa makes you forget about the noise of the world

We are passionate about TEa and want to share our knowledge and experiences with our friends and customers, we like to learn, explore and teach new things, so as to contribute to the icelandic TEa culture.

Mankind has always got together over a cup of TEa

So we invite you to enjoy our TEa and to convince you of the excellence of our products. We would like to inspire you with the quality of our TEas, to accompany you into the world of TEa, its history and its diversity.

The way to heaven leads past a TEapot

We want to hear about your experience with our TEa shop, our TEas and our products. Please help us improve. Your feedback is very important to us.

All meadows and thickets, all mountains and ridges are pharmacies

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