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  1. Kraus Mate Organica

    Kraus Aguamate - Mate Organica - 500g - Fairtrade

    The yerba mate Kraus is a 100% natural product, without any pesticides, fungicides nor herbicides. Furthermore it holds the International Quality Certificate OIA and also the kosher certificate. Fairtrade
    This product now under new name and with new packaging Learn More
    1,995,- ISK

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  2. Meta Mate "Moonshine Mate" - "Hybrid Harvest" - Family Gehm - May 2018 - 500g

    Meta Mate "Moonshine Mate" - "Hybrid Harvest" - Family Gehm - May 2018 - 500g

    500g of a wild harvest with sapeco in the forest and a conventional drying. This mate is a limited edition experimental harvest. Learn More
    2,995,- ISK
  3. Meta Mate "Moonshine Mate" - "ILLUMINATE" - Family Gehm - May 2018 - 500g

    Meta Mate "Moonshine Mate" - "ILLUMINATE" - Family Gehm - May 2018 - 500g

    Moonshine Mate from the Family Gehm’s forests harvested by the Meta Mate tribe under the ‘Buddha Full Moon’. Vaccum packed fine green gold. Learn More
    2,995,- ISK
  4. Meta Mate 23 - 500g

    Meta Mate 23 - 500g - organic - fairtrust

    This Mate has a mild slightly bitter taste. It’s leafy cut lends to easy preparation with a gourd and mate straw for novices and it combines well with other intense artisanal mates. Due to its vacuum package and consequent freshness this mate has a higher antioxidant capacity than standard leafy Mates. Learn More
    1,995,- ISK
  5. Meta Mate 42 - roasted- 250g - organic

    Meta Mate 42 - roasted- 250g - organic

    This leafy roasted mate from Brasil has a maltier taste than traditional green Mates, with a nutty flavour which makes its an ideal coffee substitute. Roasted in a manner similar to coffee, this Mate yields an flavorful drink providing energy without jitteriness. It has a toasty, comforting chicory note that combines well with milk and sugar as well. Learn More
    1,095,- ISK
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