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  1. Assam Dejoo 2nd Flush

    Assam Dejoo 2nd Flush

    mild and fruity tasting TEa from the Dejoo TEa estate in Assam, India Learn More
    795,- ISK
  2. Autumn Wind

    Autumn Wind

    When its windy outside, this black flavoured TEa is the right for you to forget about the weather and relax. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  3. Blueberry Cream

    Blueberry Cream

    In this black flavoured TEa you find the end of summer taste of Blueberries in a creamy way. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  4. Ceylon Liddesdale Pekoe

    Ceylon Liddesdale Pekoe

    a typical whole season crop TEa from Nuwara Eliya District in Sri Lanka with a smooth, light and aromatic taste Learn More
    795,- ISK
  5. China Dina Hong GOLD EDITION 80g

    China Dian Hong GOLD EDITION 80g

    It is arguably the best of Yunnan teas. Plucked in the Guizhou highlands,the oldest tea producing region in the world. Learn More
    2,095,- ISK
  6. Darjeeling Singell 2nd Flush organic

    Darjeeling Singell 2nd Flush organic

    a mild, pleasant-tasting TEa from one of the best known organic TEa estates Learn More
    995,- ISK
  7. Darjeeling Snowview 1st Flush organic

    Darjeeling Snowview 1st Flush organic

    The tea is a poem.
    The organic tea garden Snow View is somewhat remote, in the southeastern Kalimpongtal and is known for sparkling, aromatic teas. Learn More
    1,095,- ISK

    Out of stock

  8. Earl Grey

    Earl Grey

    Every tea drinker knows Earl Grey as a classic. Oddly enough, it was supposedly created by accident. Learn More
    795,- ISK

    Out of stock

  9. Earl Grey special

    Earl Grey special

    Every tea drinker knows Earl Grey as a classic. Oddly enough, it was supposedly created by accident. This special version got extra flavours and look by adding selected flowers and herbs - giving extra senses for taste and sight. Learn More
    795,- ISK

    Out of stock

  10. English Breakfast

    English Breakfast

    A well balanced broken TEa blend from Ceylon and Indonesia. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  11. Five O'Clock TEa

    Five O'Clock TEa

    The ideal afternoon TEa! A strong Ceylon and Assam Broken TEa blend with golden tips, a copper colored cup with a strong flavour. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  12. Golden Nepal

    Golden Nepal

    Only a few TEas reach public from the "Roof of the world". Learn More
    895,- ISK
  13. Golden Yunnan

    Golden Yunnan

    A very popular Golden-tip TEa from the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  14. Black TEa Honey


    Here you get a nice cup of black flavoured TEa with the soft and sweet taste of honey pollen. Pure natural sweetness. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  15. Keemun


    a chinese black TEa from the Anhui province with a soft and light smokey taste Learn More
    795,- ISK
  16. Lemon


    This flavoured TEa combines the refreshing effects of a good cup of black TEa and the Lemon. Good all year long. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  17. Maharajah


    Ever wondered, what a Maharajah must have felt in his palace surrounded by all this beatiful colors? Then have a look at this blend of flavoured black and green TEa. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  18. New Earl® Grey Brit Pop

    New Earl® Grey Brit Pop

    Instead of only using bergamot oil, we have added real pieces of bergamot orange to our best tea varieties to give them added flavour. These teas don’t just look more attractive; once they‘ve been tried, even hardcore fans of Earl Grey won’t find anything to top this reinterpretation of their beloved classic! Learn More
    895,- ISK
  19. Samowar blend

    Samowar blend

    A blend of different loose leaf TEas to get the typical character for the Samowar. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  20. Tarry Lapsang Souchong

    Tarry Lapsang Souchong

    a very strong and smokey black TEa from Formosa / Taiwan Learn More
    795,- ISK
  21. TROLL TEa


    a well sorted blend of different Assam TEas, the right mixture for icelandic conditions. Learn More
    795,- ISK
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