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  1. China Bancha

    Japan Bancha, organic

    Typical Bancha TEa with big slighly open leafes Learn More
    1,195,- ISK

    Out of stock

  2. Japan Genmaicha Fujyama

    Japan GenmaiCha Fujiyama

    Japanese speciality tea made from Bancha and Genmai (rice) Learn More
    995,- ISK
  3. Japan Gyukuro Asahi

    Japan Gyukuro Asahi GOLD EDITION 75g

    Exquisite Gyokuro quality that will put a smile on the face of even the most passionate tea connoisseurs. Learn More
    3,695,- ISK
  4. Japan Sencha Makoto

    Japan Sencha Makoto

    good strong japanese Sencha with an enjoyable taste. Learn More
    1,295,- ISK
  5. M3 Matcha Moringa Maca - organic 30g

    M3 Matcha Moringa Maca - organic 30g

    The best of the World in one package - Matcha from Japan, Moringa from Africa and Maca from South America Learn More
    3,895,- ISK

    Out of stock

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