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  1. Snow Buds

    China Snow Buds

    a exceptional Speciality from a slope of the "Taimu Mountains" in Fujian in the south east of China with its own character and is still handpicked today Learn More
    795,- ISK
  2. Green TEa - Chinese Dragon TEa

    Chinese Dragon TEa

    Green TEa - sloe-currant Learn More
    1,095,- ISK
  3. Fire of Autumn

    Fire of Autumn

    firy warming autumnal TEa with both the positive effects of green and white TEa Learn More
    895,- ISK
  4. Reykjavík Nights

    Reykjavík Nights

    Winterly almonds with orange Learn More
    1,095,- ISK
  5. Snowflake green/white


    Wintersweet baked apple with almond Learn More
    995,- ISK
  6. Green TEa - TEa of the Shaolin

    TEa of the Shaolin

    Green TEa - aromatic naranjilla Learn More
    1,095,- ISK
  7. Yellow TEa "Yellow Dragon"

    Yellow TEa "Yellow Dragon"

    sweet peach with fresh citrus - yellow tea belongs to the group of teas with the oldest tradition – some of the most precious Chinese teas rank among them - it is an absolutely rarity outside China and very difficult to come by Learn More
    1,095,- ISK
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