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  1. Fruit Garden

    Fruit Garden

    A fruity walk through the whole garden. Learn More
    695,- ISK
  2. Fruit Natural

    Fruit Natural

    a basic fruit blend. Summer as winter, hot or cold, always good and healthy. Learn More
    695,- ISK
  3. Iced Midsummer

    Iced Midsummer organic

    ideal for making iced fruit infusion Learn More
    895,- ISK
  4. Ki-Ba-Flip


    Cherry-Banana blend fruit infusion, refreshing cherry with sweetening banana - a good blend hot or cold. Learn More
    695,- ISK

    Out of stock

  5. Pina Colada

    Pina Colada

    You like Pina Colada? Why not try it in alcohol free Fruit blend version? Learn More
    695,- ISK
  6. Rhubarb-Cream


    You like you rhubarb with cream? Then you will enjoy this fruit blend. Learn More
    795,- ISK
  7. Pink Mojito

    SonnenTEe® (SunTEa) Pink Mojito

    For the sun in our hearts Learn More
    895,- ISK
  8. Turkish Apple

    Turkish Apple

    A hint of Turkish bazaar, hot and cold, a fruity-sweet delight. Learn More
    695,- ISK
  9. Turkish Apple Yogurt-Lime

    Turkish Apple Yogurt-Lime

    A hint of Turkish bazaar, hot and cold, a fruity-sweet delight with the refreshing taste of Yogurt-Lime. Learn More
    895,- ISK
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