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The home of the Rooibos is situated at the South African west coast close to the Cedar Mountains. Even the natives of this region used the rooibos shrub to make an infusion. The plant has been cultivated since 1930.

The rooibos plant grows to a height of about 1.5m and is similar to a gorse shrub. Rooibos tastes soothingly fresh and has a fruity malt note.

It does not contain any caffeine or sugar, but it has traces of fluorine, iron, potassium, copper and rutin instead, as well as vitamin C and flavonoides.

Many positive qualities in supporting a healthy diet are awarded to it. Rooibos is made from thin, chopped up twigs and the needle-type leaves.

Similar to black TEa, red rooibos has gone trough the complete process of fermentation (oxidation of the leaf calls through contact with oxygen). In the process of this, it obtains its typical red-brown color. In the case of green rooibos, the process of fermentation is avoided due to immediate drying the raw material.

Nowadays you can get rooibos in many different flavours.

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  1. Aladins Winter Wonder organic

    Aladins Winter Wonder organic

    fruity orange with fine cinnamon and almond Learn More
    995,- ISK
  2. Gondwana


    Our Gondwana-Blend is a tasty composition from Lapacho bork and Rooibos Learn More
    995,- ISK
  3. Rooibos Cappuccino

    Rooibos Cappuccino

    an african Rooibos infusion with the fine taste of a fresh cappuccino. Learn More
    895,- ISK
  4. Rooibos Chai

    Rooibos Chai

    an african rooibos chai infusion with a fine spicy orange basil taste. Learn More
    895,- ISK
  5. Rooibos Choco Bomb

    Rooibos Choco Bomb

    an african rooibos infusion with the full explosion power of a chocolate bomb Learn More
    895,- ISK
  6. Rooibos Hátiðarblanda

    Rooibos Hátiðarblanda 100g

    It finally arrived. "Hátíðarblanda" with Malt and Orange flavouring. A special Blend which you have to have over the holidays. Learn More
    995,- ISK
  7. Rooibos Latte Macchiato

    Rooibos Latte Macchiato

    an african Rooibos infusion with the fine taste of a fresh brewed Latte Macchiato Learn More
    895,- ISK
  8. Rooibos

    Rooibos organic

    african Tisane without caffeine, soft, aromatic infusion Learn More
    795,- ISK
  9. Rooibos Shangri La

    Shangri La

    mild ginger with sweet coco-cinnamon Learn More
    995,- ISK
  10. Snow cap Rooibos

    Snow Cap

    Winter Greetings in Orange Learn More
    895,- ISK
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